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About Us

We imagined a future where healthcare was more than a routine reaction to sickness; where progress was bold and ingenious and focused on more than merely improving symptomatic relief with mass-market drugs.

We imagined precise, intelligent and individualised healthcare that sees the impossible as an opportunity for innovation. Then we made it real. Our company is built on four integrated divisions, presenting our clients with a seamless healthcare journey:

Our Vision

Smarter, differentiated healthcare that empowers the people to prevent disease and significantly extend their healthy life-spans.

Our Mission

To continually develop, acquire and integrate the most advanced, scientifically-proven, safe and effective protocols, products and technologies available worldwide and to bring together the most talented scientists, medical professionals and partners in order to offer our clients personalised, preventative and patient-centric healthcare resulting in both optimised life potential for individuals and a better healthcare system for the world.


'We imagined precise, intelligent and individualised healthcare that sees the impossible as an opportunity for innovation. Then we made it real.'

Our Brands

Verita Health

Verita Health offers a full range of next-generation customised healthcare, biological age reduction and aesthetic treatments to help our clients achieve health in the fullest sense. By combining the best mainstream technologies with unparalleled access to global medical innovations and specialist guidance, we offer our patients a personalised, integrated approach to peak health.

Verita Life

We know that a cancer diagnosis can change everything. At Verita Life we’re aware of the many possibilities that lie beyond the three default oncology treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and give our patients the benefit of having access to more comprehensive treatment options.

Verita Wisdom

Verita Wisdom harnesses advanced MedTech innovation and powerful analytics to support precision, personalised health profiling, health informatics, and proactive health and wellness management solutions. Our best-in-class devices capture and interpret personal health data with high-precision, then combine human medical knowledge with AI to ensure health issues and risks are identified and proactively addressed as early as possible.

Verita Innovate

Our Innovate business ensures that all our business units offer the best, most advanced, scientifically proven medical protocols, products and technologies. Where possible we manufacture to ensure quality and cost-effectiveness, from compound pharmaceuticals, tailored to clients’ precise and personalised health needs, to nutricosmetics, supplements, vitamins, peptides, and the latest state of the art MedTech. Our research team also actively establishes partnerships to co-develop and commercialise state-of-the-art, evidence-based medical protocols, products and technologies together with world-leading research institutions and enterprise partners.

Verita Connect

Verita Connect is a discreet health and wellness concierge: a friendly guide, fully-informed about the very best treatments available globally, and ready to match you with the medical specialists, clinics and services you need to reach your goals. Our staff takes care of everything – planning travel and accommodation, helping you to liaise with our medical experts and ensuring a comfortable and stable recovery should you be travelling for an extensive procedure.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Julian Andriesz

Our people

The journey to optimum health is not just a medical one, but a human one

Verita is steered by an experienced Executive Management Team and internationally-renowned Medical and Scientific Board who work together to meet the demands of our stakeholders, and exceed the expectations of our clients, patients and partners.

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