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The journey to optimum health is not just a medical one, but a human one

Verita is steered by an experienced Executive Management Team and internationally-renowned Medical and Scientific Board who work together to meet the demands of our stakeholders, and exceed the expectations of our clients, patients and partners.

  • Julian Andriesz

  • Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director


    Julian founded, built and managed a diversified, award-winning group of businesses over 20 years in the APAC region with sales of over US$600 million, and employing over 4,000 staff.

    He has won Singapore’s Enterprise 50 Award twice and founded Verita Healthcare Group in 2011.

  • James Grant Wetherill, FCA

  • Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director


    James is a UK Chartered Accountant with nearly 30 years’ leadership, financial and operational experience in driving organic and acquisitive international growth.

    He’s worked with major MNCs such as PWC and WPP Group, as well as fast-growing SME’s including a large PE-backed private healthcare group.

    James is an experienced driver of technology-led business transformation, with deep expertise in the Healthcare, Enterprise Technology & Analytics Solutions, Digital & Media sectors.

  • Serene Lee

  • Chief Financial Officer and Executive Director


    Serene is a Certified Chartered Accountant from Singapore ISCA, fellow member of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants UK, and fellow member of “Six Sigma Black Belt”. She has 21 years of senior management experience in MNCs and start-ups across the Asia Pacific region, including regional M&A due diligence and post-acquisition integration.

  • Joseph Rifkin

  • Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Director


    Joseph has 20 years of executive management experience, having spent more than 16 years in APAC across 11 countries. 

    He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the University of South Australia and is a Certified Practicing Accountant through CPA Australia, and the Australian and European Chambers of Commerce.

  • Prof. Dr. Adam Gunes

  • Chief Medical Officer


    Dr Gunes is Chief Physician at various Integrative Oncology Hospitals across Europe. He developed one of world’s largest resource databases of natural substances in disease treatment including research on complementary oncology and immunotherapies. He holds a PhD from the University of Lübeck, Germany.

  • Daryll Knowles

  • Head of Translational Medicine & Pharmaceutical Research


    Daryll Knowles has over 30 years experience in SME business development, owning and growing businesses in the pharmaceutical space. He graduated from Sydney University with a Bachelor of Pharmacy, and from Harvard Business School. He is the first pharmacist fellow of A5M Anti-Ageing, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, and has served on many Medical Boards and Scientific Committees in the role of Pharmaceutical consultant for his expertise in Translational Medicine.

  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Kleine-Gunk

  • Head of Anti-Aging & Preventative Medicine

  • Prof. Dr. Kleine-Gunk is President of the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (GSAAM), the largest anti-aging association in Europe. He studied medicine at the University of Munster and completed his PhD at the Essen Institute for Tumor Research. He is a founding member of the European Centre of Aging Research and Education (ECARE) and a member of the German Menopause Society.

  • Prof. Heidrun Karlic

  • Oncology

  • Prof. Eugen Molodysky

  • Preventive & Primary Healthcare Medicine

  • Dr. Veerapol Khemarangsan

  • Stem Cells, Gynaecology

  • Prof. Dr. Katharina Pachmann

  • Oncology, Hematology

  • Dr. Ursula Jacob

  • Prevention, Regeneration

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Valent

  • Internal Medicine, Hematology & Hemostaseology

  • Prof. Clemens Heitzinger

  • Analytics, Scientific Computing

  • Dr. Veerpol Khemarangsan

  • Stem Cells, Immunotherapy

  • Dr. Sunny Tan

  • Nutrition, Molecular Biology

  • Jan Vijg, Ph.D

  • Anti-Aging

  • Claudia Gravekamp, PhD

  • Oncology & Immunotherapy

  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Haslberger

  • Genetics, BioTech

  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Huber

  • Anti-Aging

  • Dr Michael Zacharia

  • Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetics

  • Dr. Nipit Piravej

  • Neurosurgery, Healthcare Management & ICT

  • Prof Marco Ruggiero

  • Molecular Biology

  • Prof. Dr. Uwe Nixdorff

  • Anti-Aging, Preventative Medicine, Cardiology