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Big data, smarter healthcare

Verita’s revolutionary ‘3i’ platform is growing globally and seeking to fill the gaps in conventional healthcare

Within 40 years two billion people around the world will be over 70 years old. The problem is that healthcare systems do just enough to keep them alive longer, but not enough to keep them in good health. It’s a time bomb that threatens future prosperity and it’s going to be worse than global warming”, asserts Julian Andriesz, Founder and CEO of Verita Healthcare Group. “We need a paradigm shift from costly, supplier-led symptomatic relief to proactive prevention and health maintenance, otherwise individuals, communities and governments will struggle with poor life quality and unsustainable healthcare costs.” With growing global trends in chronic disease such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and dementia which eventually kill 80 per cent of people over the age of 45, the impact of long-term ill-health is expected to create trillions of dollars in lost economic output. The good news is that healthcare’s destiny can be changed, from reactive “disease management” to proactive “health maintenance”, through education and harnessing capabilities offered by the technology revolution and advances in precision medicine. That approach is at the core of Verita Healthcare, a fast-growing integrated medical group headquartered in Singapore with European operations based in London. Through in-house expertise and smart collaborations, Verita is harnessing medical innovation and health informatics to become a global leader in preventative, personalised and integrative healthcare. Verita offers a genuine healthcare platform combining scalable “brick and mortar” clinics that complement and fill the gaps in mainstream medicine – from precision diagnostics, disease prevention and anti-ageing medicine to integrative oncology, immunology and performance enhancement – to the manufacture of innovative products and smart digital health management and analytics. “Analytics, MedTech and Artificial Intelligence are beginning to have a major impact on healthcare, and its ability to positively disrupt the industry is huge. Different countries are at different stages in the digital journey towards more data-driven, personalised and efficient care. Assisted by AI and Machine Learning, real-time health monitoring will enable improved risk prediction, management and treatment”, says James Grant Wetherill, COO. This tech-led, data-driven approach enhances decision-making and more efficient use of clinical resources for diagnosing and treating patients with complex diseases and allows a shift to ongoing digital health and wellness management outside the traditional medical environment.

Verita’s model is underpinned by world-class R&D collaborations with medical, scientific and commercial partners. “A key piece of the jigsaw is our Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, and our close collaboration with university hospital partners,” explains Mr Andriesz.

“These clinical and research professionals act as our radar, identifying and testing the best new treatments and protocols to integrate. They share our vision and we encourage them to dream big.”

“Platform” is a word more usually associated with tech or social media firms whose business can scale exponentially. Verita incubates business units that allow it to expand in similar fashion. And, much like the holistic programmes that Verita champions for its clients, each unit works in harmony within the whole. Verita has been quietly making investments in complementary businesses – with 13 acquisitions in four years – and extending its clinic and product range and reach, both organically and through licensing its proprietary know-how. Multinational corporations, insurers and health professionals are partnering Verita to deliver evidence-based health support and disease management tools. Mr Andriesz explains, “One letter separates health and wealth. It is great to see people beginning to plan and invest in their healthy future in the same way they plan their financial needs. The key is to start early. We can provide the data, analysis and tools people need to manage their health journey based on personalised insights.” “We see a significant and timely policy shift towards preventing chronic diseases. All major industries have become consumer-driven and technology-led, and it’s time for a smarter differentiated healthcare approach empowering individuals to eliminate preventable diseases and extend their healthy lifespans. The first signs of arterial disease and cancers can be detected as far back as early childhood. This long, silent ‘pre-clinical’ phase of disease is driven by lifestyle risk factors. Studies have shown that early ‘investment’ in proactive health substantially reduces the risk of chronic diseases later in life.” External recognition has come Verita’s way too, being a two-time winner of the Global Health Awards’ “Integrated Health & Wellness Service Provider of the Year”. “Smart data is important, but you still need to treat your customers and staff properly and pursue operational excellence.” Mr Andriesz notes “Verita thinks globally because demand is global; we are packaging and licensing Verita’s IP to trusted international partners, and gradually aggregating assets that fit within our ecosystem. We are still a young company, but market drivers are encouraging us to look beyond the Asia Pacific, with the current focus on opportunities in the UK and Europe.” Following the success of digital health upstarts like Livongo, Babylon Health and One Drop, Verita is now starting to attract investor attention from Europe and the USA. “We’re not getting starry-eyed about the size of our addressable market, but we are nimble, we have a long-term vision, a talented and passionate team, and expanding international partnerships. We are executing a clear plan powered by our ‘3i’ strategy of ‘innovate, incubate, integrate’,” says Mr Andriesz. “If we keep doing the right things for the right reasons, I believe the future looks bright. We are going to make a difference.”

‘All major industries have become consumer-driven and technology-led, and it’s time for a smarter differentiated healthcare approach empowering individuals to eliminate preventable diseases and extend their healthy lifespans.’ Julian Andriesz, Founder and CEO of Verita Healthcare Group.